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Cypress Creek
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Ripples II
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I've Heard That Story
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Artist's Statement

Paintings have always intrigued me and in my youth I became interested in the painting and drawing process. After art classes in college, I found some very capable instructors to further my studies. A judge once commented on one of my paintings, "I can hear the music." That had greater meaning than the award since my desire is to involve the viewer in the painting. Whether painting in oils, watercolor, pastels, or acrylic my landscapes, garden scenes, or still life reflect my interpretation of that moment.

Travel throughout the U.S. and living in Europe for three years has afforded me the opportunity to gather information and, through my paintings, to help others see and appreciate the wonders God has provided for us.

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Mary Wiley Summer Pleasures Watercolor 
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  During her entire lifetime, Mary Wiley has followed an artistic dream. While teaching in elementary grades, she incorporated the use of art into the teaching of reading, spelling and language. While living in Germany, she took every opportunity to visit art museums and study the artistic offerings of Germany and Switzerland.

After a career in education, Mary began to see her dream become a reality as she immersed herself into a second career – in art. Her work is impressionistic in style and she often uses the light in her painting as the focal point. One can always find an entryway into her paintings with an interesting sojourn through times, places or events to which the viewer can relate.
The artist earned a BS degree from the University of North Texas and the MA degree from the University of the Incarnate Word. She continued her study of art with workshops and classes with nationally known artists Milford Zornes, Ted Goerschner, Edgar Whitney and Raymond Kelly. She admires the work of Charles Sovek and Kathryn Stats and has been influenced by the study of Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro. Her work has won numerous awards and can be found in collections throughout the United States, in England, Japan, Columbia, San Salvador and Spain.

Mary Wiley is best known for her luscious landscapes, garden scenes and florals. Working impressionistically, she strives to stir the emotions of the viewer. She has served as an adjunct teacher of art for Grayson County College and teaches private classes in oils and pastels in her studio. Her work has been included in several art books and her biography was included in NOTABLE WOMEN OF TEXAS.

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